Pingvinernas skapare avslöjar sig

Mysteriet med frigolitpingvinerna vid Sockerbrukskajen och yttre vallgraven är löst: Det är Landskronabaserade konstnären Kim Berkhuizen står bakom det som både är en konstinstallation och en protest mot klimatpolitiken.

Så här skriver Kim Berkhuizen på sin officiella Facebooksida Kimberkhuizenart:
”Time to reveal my latest project! Do you see the penguin?

Why did i do two penguin sculptures and placed them in the waters around my hometown Landskrona?

I wanted to combine two things i was frustrated over. First that the environment and global warming is being placed in the backseat in many countries at the moment. Its not a priority and it needs to be. Glaciers and the Antarctic ice are melting at an alarming rate. Think about the world as your own body, if its sick. You would do everything to make it well again. It would be your main priority.

Second, i wanted to do a public installation that both brought smiles to peoples faces and made them think. Everyday we are bombarded with news about horrible thing that happens all over the world. And people just shuts down, i get it. It´s impossible to care about every single bad thing that happens. That why i wanted to approach this installation another way. A cute penguin on a ice sheet. that´s harmless and fun. That opens people up to take it in, stop for a moment and hopefully think. -”How did that penguin get here? Its cute but out of place.. oh, it´s probably because the ice are melting… that´s not good, maybe i should do something about it…”

Foto: Kim Berkhuizen